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Suzuki’s LT500R is the stuff of ATV legends. Think a four-stroke 450 is fast? Imagine the performance potential of a 500cc, liquid-cooled, power-valved two-stroke! Most of today’s riders can’t even comprehend what a machine like that would be like, but Suzuki offered the mighty 500 from 1987 to 1990. Its massive power earned it the nickname “Quadzilla,” and it developed a following that’s still going strong today. Duncan Racing (DR) applied the best of today’s performance technology to the legendary LT500R and invited ATV UTV Action to experience the results.

There’s no question that the LT500R was the most shocking high-performance sport quad of its time. But like most machines from the late ’80s, it was far from perfect. Modern sport ATVs have better engines and suspension tuning right from the dealer. Duncan Racing strove to dial the Suzuki in and give it the balance and handling of a modern quad while they built on and refined its incredible engine performance.